Break Dependency on News Giants, Take Control and Guarantee Exposure To Your Clients
What If you could own a 100 News Websites Network and share your clients' Press Releases to ALL OF THEM IN ONE CLICK?
The confidence to guarantee exposure. The power to dominate your competition. And the freedom to choose how or what content should be shared!
Introducing Digimetriq's PR Empire, the only PR network, proven over 4 years, with 1000+ websites, generating over a million monthly visitors!

Own A Network of News Sites having -

  1. Brand-able Domain Names.
  2. Unique Designs and Layouts.
  3. Sitemaps and Feeds Enabled - Roping in Organic Traffic from Google.
  4. Google Services Integration - Webmasters and Analytics.
  5. Super Fast Loading Speeds. And much more...

But, this is pretty easy to setup. How is Digimetriq different?

Well, here's why -
  • Post to your entire network in one click! Just publish your press release to a single parent site. It will be automatically pushed to the entire network.
  • Entire Network is built upon Expired Domains! - Own Websites with Spam free, High Authority and Brand-able domain names, with a clean Wayback history.
  • Network is built with no footprints! Each site has Unique Who-is record, server IP address, search console and analytics tracking code, which hides the real owner's identity, leaving no interlinks.
  • We take the responsibility of managing content on all sites. We make sure, each website gets updated daily with unique stories, news, and more.
  • We make sure all articles are indexed on Google. Our in-house SEO team, keeps a constant eye on Google core updates, to comply with latest industry changes.
  • No Additional Development or Hosting Costs. Network of fast and beautiful sites, developed and hosted for free.

Why Digimetriq's PR Empire in Particular?

We don't have any competition yet. But, you do! No one else is providing this service, or anything close to it. Don't waste your time finding an alternate option. Your competitor is already making final calls to go ahead with us.

Pricing Structure

One Time Yearly Expense - 20$ (1000 INR For Indians)
Price for Domain Registrations and The Research Behind Finding Expired Domains
(Note - Renewals at market prices, after 12 months of registration)
Price to Host, Develop, and Manage your Network - 10$ per website per month* (500 INR/ month for Indians)

*Minimum 12 Months Contract. Pay Monthly.

Example - A network of 100 Sites will cost 2000$ (one time) for Domains and 1000$ every Month.
(For Indians - 100,000 INR (One Time) and 50,000 INR Every Month)
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