• Are you tired of writing articles?
  • Are you spending a lot on content writers?
  • Is it difficult to manage your PBN?

You don’t need to anymore!

Now get automated content completely hands-free.

Readable and Grammatically Correct Articles Daily.

Powered by OpenAi’s GPT 3

Content That Ranks

Content That Ranks

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Indexes on Google Easily
  • Adsense Friendly
Fresh Content Daily

Fresh Content Daily

  • Credit Packs Acc. to your Needs
  • Niche Relevant Articles
  • Multiple Languages Supported


  • Requires only Editor Access
  • Processing done on our end
  • Pre-Configured CDN for Images

How It Works

What actually happens in the back-end
Step 1.

List of Keywords

Digimetriq's AI Writing Module is powered by Autoblogging.ai that writes from scratch. The main requirement from your end is a list of keywords.
Credit Packs - To get started, you'll need to purchase credit packs and spread them over different sites. Credits don't expire.
A Google sheet will be maintained between both the parties.
So, Get your list of keywords/ title handy. Let AI Take over from here.

Step 2.

Written by AI

Autoblogging.ai is the backbone of all our services. Checkout the tool if you've not already.

 OpenAI's GPT-3 is used to generate the content. This AI writer makes sure content is readable, and Grammatically correct. Also, the article is unique.

Step 3.

On-Page SEO Tweaks

We understand that to rank for keywords, and to attract traffic, a good writer is not enough.
So, we add some crazy On-Page SEO tweaks!

NLP Keywords -The system grabs NLP keywords from top-10 search results and uses that to generate the articles.
Additionally, these tweaks are added -
Automatic Related Video
Automatic Internal and External Linking
Automatic Related Tags

Step 4.

Add to Drafts/ Publish

Once the articles are generated and optimized, the articles are auto-published/ added to drafts on your sites.

What do we need for that?

We require that you share editor account access to your website and install a WordPress plugin that enables our system to publish posts remotely.
You can also set the daily drip-feed quantity.

Once the initial setup is done(which takes hardly 10 minutes),
it's on auto-pilot!


Experimented and Tested
On Over 500 Blogs

Bonus - Tweaks

Receive an exclusive guide on tweaks that works best for Autoblogs the moment you subscribe.

Earning Possibilities

Listed on the Right are a few Earning Possibilities from these Blogs.

The most preferred and easy way to make money from blogs is via Google Adsense.

Add your affiliate tags in the articles, or place native shopping ads in each article..

Accept Guest posts from Brands and Marketers on your Autoblogs.

Publishers usually look for sites which have –

  • Fresh Content
  • Fast Indexing of Articles
  • Good Ahrefs and Moz Stats – Building a site upon Expired domains is therefore suggested.

With Quick proofreading and layout fixes, you can do the following-

  • Sell your  Monetized Site for 25-35x your monthly revenue from Ads/ Commissions.
  • Sell your Non Monetized Site as a Starter Site with the starting price range of 350$.

Good stats on Ahrefs and Moz helps in increasing the selling price.

Why Autoblogging?


You can setup Autoblogging for the following scenarios

Keep your money site updated with regular content. Works best with sites with Fast indexing.

Add niche relevant content to your site.

Add manual interlinks later to your money pages.

Want to keep your PBNs updated? Go for it right away!

Bonus – These articles might bring in traffic too!

Autoblogging with AI


We’ve been Autoblogging ourselves since 2015, and still continue to do so. We started with Spinrewriter/ wordai backed setup. Then moved to AI Spinner, developed by our own team and did that for 2 years. And now, we’ve moved to AI Writing setup. We’ve launched a tool – Autoblogging.ai which you can use to generate articles in real-time, manually.


Autoblogs Live


Adsense Approved


Amazon Blogs


Sites Sold in 2022

Grammatically Correct
Grammatically Correct

The articles generated usually gets a 7th Grade Readability score from Grammarly and Hemmingway app.

Niche Confidentiality
Niche Confidentiality

Niche research is very much time consuming and hard.
Anyone on our team has no intentions to steal your niche.
We launch sites based on expired domains that we find, and not niches.

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

We've implemented tweaks that optimizes the articles for SEO. We've literally outranked a lot of authority sites for low/ med competition keywords with such automated tweaks.

Tailored Packages
Tailored Packages

We understand that everyone has a different strategy of running blogs on scale. We tailor our processes accordingly. Example, if you wish to get the outputs in a csv/ excel sheet, That can be done as well.


Drip-feeding is strongly suggested. We've experienced that blogs with daily 3-5 articles, spread out over 6 months tend to perform the best.

Regular Updates
Regular Updates

We're constantly improving when it comes to AI writing quality and on-page optimizations. On an average, 3 new features are added/ or improved every month.


Get in touch to see if we're a good fit! 🙂

    If not us, Listen to them!

    Human-like Articles

    ``Autoblogging.ai is a godsend if you are running affiliate sites, content sites or local. Where most AI tools fail to produce quality content, Vaibhav’s Autoblogging tool delivers articles that read like a human. This is next level AI where you can include your own NLP keywords for better SEO optimizations. On top of that, Vaibhav is a stand up guy who will work hard to support you with any issues or questions you might have. Top notch service!``

    Bart Magera

    Author at NichePursuits.com

    Articles Are Great!

    ``Hey man, thank you for creating such a good app. The articles are coming out great as drafts and my editor easily turns them into solid articles.``

    Lawrence Klamecki

    Really Good Tool

    I've always been a fan and enthusiast of AI and content, testing new tools and such during the GPT-3 Craze, and through that I've met Vaibhav. I've subscribed on all his models and tools as a beta tester and paid user and I gotta say, this current one is the best there is which understands both what the algorithm wants and what the user wants. I've gotten great success testing this new tool of his and making money out of it in a span of 3 weeks Definitely recommended guy, superb character of a person, gravity level genius, and really a good tool from him right now.

    Josh Saga

    Local Visibility Expert at SagaReach Marketing

    Awesome Tool

    ``First Of All I would like to thanks Vaibhav for developing such an awesome tool. I have tested many ai Writing Tools but this tool is simply superb. I am getting pretty well result on my blog. The content generated by this tool are very much optimized and easy readable. The features of this tool adds extra benefits. I simply liked this tool.``

    Abhilash Ranjan

    Creator of Nichesiteninja

    I'm so glad I found Autoblogging

    ``Vaibhav Bhaii! You're a genius. Autoblogging.ai has blown my mind away. The output is so lit and on fire 🔥. I'm dancing with joy each time I'm reading the content that it provides. It's so relevant and so on point. I'm yet to discover and learn more about it's full strength but so far I'm impressed with it. I've almost tried every single one of Ai writing tool on the market. And yours is the greatest.

    Karamjeet Singh

    Content Writer

    AI beating Humans

    ``I have worked with a lot of content writers for my purposes. And after AI coming into the scene I also have tested a bulk of AI tools just to get that quality. After extensive research and trials I decided to stick with Jasper. Cause the topic and keywords I chose are hard to be written by any other tool. They just failed. But even Jasper needed a lot of editing prompt and what not! But when I tested autoblogging.ai I was literally blown away by the quality! The flow of native writers, the magic of giving relevant answer and understanding the intent just from the title! A full 1500 word article that was top quality. You have to try it yourself to believe it. This is the answer to all the blogging content you will ever need! P.S. the owner Vaibhav is really passionate about his products and took all the constructive suggestions and applied them in the Go. I am vouching for him!``

    Anoy Kumar Das

    PhD student (UGC-JRF) at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology