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Niche Research - Expired Domains - Website Hosting & Development- Keyword Research - Content Writing- SEO


We can help you build a successful website from scratch.

We don't sell packages. We sell individual services.
Delegate to us only the stuff you don't know about.

Niche Research

Select from a list of freshly researched profitable niches.

If you are starting a blog with the sole purpose of earning money, you need to research which niche you want to tap.

New bloggers usually make the mistake of picking broad topics. They end up wasting their time competing against multi-million dollar companies.

At Digimetriq, we research niches regularly and can provide you with a list of them to target. We study and find profitable niches which you can aim to earn via Adsense.

Since we also own a bunch of amazon affiliate sites, we keep an eye out for new profitable amazon niches too.

Expired Domains

Build your website on an expired domain to give your new blog, a jump start.

Bloggers’ are finally realizing the worth of Expired Domains and the boost it gives to new websites.

At Digimetriq, we can help you in finding an expired domain in your selected niche. These domains will have backlinks from high-authority websites, which are still live. This in-turn helps in increasing authority of your website.

The expired domains we find are screened through multiple checks. We make sure the domain gets a green signal from our vigorous checking process.

There are thousands of Expired Domains having thousands of backlinks out there, waiting to be captured.

Website Hosting and Designing

Host your website either on our servers, or your own servers, managed and designed by us.

Thinking of, and buying a domain name is fairly less complicated than having to setup a website. 
Setting up a website requires-
- A hosting server.
- Knowledge on how to change DNS records.
- A website developer.

Website Hosting
You can choose either one of these -

- Free hosting of your website on our servers. Consider this as a limited period gift from us. We only will charge you for managing the website.
- Paid hosting of your website on shared hosting/ VPS of your choice. We will charge you the monthly server costs along with cost of managing your website.

Website Designing
You can choose either one of these - 

- An SEO optimized blog, ready to deploy. We will make minor edits, and even teach you how to do that. We use Wordpress.
- A website we will build with your design in mind, followed by SEO optimization. We suggest you to go with Wordpress. However, our in-house developers can code in HTML PHP and other languages.

Keyword Research

We will find low competition, high volume, easy to rank keywords, to boost your traffic.

Keyword research is an extension of Niche research. In case you already have selected a niche, we will give you a list of high volume, low-competition keywords to target in your niche.

Keywords will be filtered on these basis-

Low competition keywords - Narrow, Long tail keywords, which are easy to rank for.

High Volume keywords - Those untapped gems which are lying in the vast ocean bed. Ranking on these keywords increases your traffic by multi-folds.

KGR Ratio - Our team then researches Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) of all these keywords. These long tail phrases can get you in top 50 SERP positions within a few days.

Content Writing

Our in-house team writes well-researched articles, helping increase user engagement.

Content writing is what most passionate bloggers won't prefer to delegate. We get it. However, good content is very valuable.

A website can rank solely on it's content. 
Content plays a significant part in search engine rankings. User engagement on a website determines the position of that website on the first page of google. 

We at Digimetriq makes sure the content is well researched, to the point, readable, and unique. 

Well Researched - We have implemented AI (NLP and ML) in the research part of the process. It enables us to generate content from self-trained datasets. The article is then proof-read by humans.

To the point - Our AI is trained on specific niches, with datasets having 200,000+ words covering the topic in entirety. After the training, the AI generates articles which are to the point.

Readability - Once the article is proof-read and formatted by our team, we make sure it passes the Readability test. Google loves articles with 8-9th-grade readability scores. We try our best to achieve those scores.

Unique - Articles that we write are 100% unique. We make sure the content passes Copyscape and Grammarly plagiarism tests.

On & Off Page SEO

Our in-house digital-ninjas makes sure that your article ranks for the targeted keywords. 

SEO is our forte. Well, all these services are too, but we know how to rank a website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means, optimizing a website to make it rank higher in Google search results. Higher ranks will get you more traffic, which will help you get more money/ reach.

Search Engine Optimization is of 2 types -

On-Page SEO - Any changes made internally, on the same website, to increase Search engine rankings, comes under On-page SEO. It involves keyword optimizations, interlinking, broken link removals, page speed, etc. 
While doing On-Page SEO, you tell Google what your website is about and what kind of audience it seeks.

Off-Page SEO - Any changes made externally, on other websites, to increase Search engine rankings, comes under Off-Page SEO. It involves Web 2.0s, Forum posts, Social media signals, Manual Outreach, etc.
While doing Off-Page SEO, other websites tell Google what your website is about and what kind of audience it seeks.

At Digimetriq, you will have an option to hire Digitalninjas to -
Handle On-Page SEO - Website Audit, Fixes and Improvisations.
Handle Complete SEO - Minimum of 6-month commitment.



What makes us different?

Trust me. We aren't like any other digital agency.
Ironically, every agency says that.

Well, we actually are different because our services are -


Friendly and Professional

On Time Delivery

Industry Experts

Deliver What We Promise

Knowledge Center Access

24/7 Support


How Does It Work?

Here's a simple process on how to get on-board with us.

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Think of what you want to delegate

If you have something in your mind, or one of the following-

Niche Research | Expired Domains | Website Hosting and Designing | Keyword Research | Content Writing | On & Off Page SEO

We want to impart knowledge too; hence, the why, how, and when will be explained thoroughly.
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Seal the deal

Now that you know what you need from us, we will share a custom pricing. with us with your needs. We will answer all your questions about it. If you agree to the custom quote, we move on to the next step.

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We start working

Our way of working is quite remarkable. It's maybe because we love what we do. Our setup for each service is mostly automated, with a bit of human touch. And this has enabled us to increase speed and sustain scalability with on-time delivery.


Customer support begins

We work 24-7 ensuring updates and resolutions at a faster pace.
Note- We love curious customers.

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