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Digimetriq's Real Blogs Network

Own a Network of Real Websites

Powered by Digimetriq’s Autoblogging – Ultra Pack!

Break Dependency on Paid Guest Posts/ Outreach Solutions

Take Control and Build only High Quality Links

No Development Costs

No Development Costs

  • Designed by Professional Developers
  • Unique Designs and layouts
  • Optimized for SEO
No Server Hosting Costs

No Server Hosting Costs

  • High Config Servers
  • Unique IPs
  • Unlimited Visitors
No Content Writing Costs

No Content Writing Costs

  • All Sites Updated Daily
  • Unique Content
  • Niche Relevant Articles


Built Upon The Best
Expired Domains


Niche Relevant Brand-able Domains with clean Wayback History and Authority Links.


RBNs can be used to push Amazon Affiliates/ Tech/ Health/ Medical/ Crypto/ Adult/, and so on. Basically, Any possible niche you are in.

Link Insertions are done by our team or can be done by yours.

Feel free to manage your entire network. Author access to all sites will be provided. Our team will guide you with proper practices.

All sites will be developed by our team. It usually takes upto one month to develop 100 sites.

Our in-house designers and developers will make sure each site has awesome layouts and logos!

Each site will be updated with unique content regularly. We will also publish bunch of articles every now and then that targets low competitive keywords, with high search volumes. We will do everything we can, to help your sites grow!

  • Unique Records
  • Unique Server Ip Addresses
  • Unique Webmaster and Google Analytics tracking codes
  • Unique Designs and Layouts

Sales Growth

Quality and

Build High Quality Links from and Quantity of Links by owning a network of sites.

Estimated Sales Growth

*Based on existing client data.

Real Blog Network's


RBNs is one complete package with Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Management.

You are not just building sites to place links on. You are building Real Blogs with their own capacity to rank for keywords, and generate traffic.

RBNs is basically a substitute for all your outreach needs.

Real Blogs
Network Live
Expired Domains
Expired Domains

High Authority Expired domain names will be used to build the network. Shortlist from a list of researched domains.

Premium Indexers
Premium Indexers

Client articles are pushed through multiple premium indexers to guarantee Google search indexing.

Sitemaps and Feeds
Sitemaps and Feeds

Sitemap submissions to improve natural indexing. Feeds to implement Web 2.0s tier structures.


SEO Optimized website, along with content that will be regularly posted.

Google Integration
Google Integration

Google Webmasters and Analytics on each website to track stats. Google Adsense (Optional).

Team Support
Team Support

Quick resolutions by a team of experts. We call ourselves DigitalNinjas.


Choose a plan that
fits your investment budget.

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