Terms and Conditions

Note – Applicable for Real Blog Networks and PR Empire


Domain Names

Digimetriq’s team will research expired domains and share the domain names to select from with the customer.

Who will pay for, and who will be the owner of the domains?

The pricing does not include Domain Registrations costs. The customer will own the domains right from the start.

Domain Renewals

The customer has to pay for Domain Renewals after 12 months at current market prices. Digimetriq’s monthly/ yearly subscription does not cover Domain Renewals.

Development and Hosting

Digimetriq’s team will take 1 month or less to develop all the sites. Any delay expected, will be informed by Digimetriq to the customer beforehand.


Digimetriq will host all websites on their own servers. Digimetriq will make sure that each website will have a unique IP address to avoid digital footprint.

Back-end access to server will not be provided to the customer.

Number of Revisions accepted in Logos, Layouts and Functionality

  • Logos – Digimetriq will design a logo only once. No revisions are done thereafter.  However, the client can create his own logos and send it to Digimetriq to replace on his network.
  • Layouts – Digimetriq will make sure each website has a unique layout. If the client needs specific layout or functionality for his site(s), he should mention it in advance, during the domain selection phase. Digimetriq reserves the right to deny such requests for any reason whatsoever.
  • Miscellaneous changes – Customer can suggest small miscellaneous changes for any number of times. Digimetriq reserves the right to deny any such requests for any reason whatsoever.

Back-end access to all sites

Back-end Access to all sites will be provided to the client. However, the rights will be limited to author/ editor. Customer can contact Digimetriq’s team to make major changes. However, Digimetriq reserves the right to deny changes for any reason whatsoever.

Data Migration or other Illegal activities

If the customer is found trying to migrate site’s data, or indulge in any kind of illegal activities (not limited to hacking), DIgimetriq reserves the right to suspend all services immediately. No refunds will be provided in such case.


Digimetriq’s team will make sure each website gets updated with fresh articles regularly. Articles posted by Digimetriq won’t contain any promotional links, sponsored posts, or any kind of monetary affiliation. However, if the underlying technology posts something promotional, it would be completely non-affiliated, and unintentional.  If any such articles are found, they can be deleted by the customer, or Digimetriq’s team upon request.

Choice of content –

The customer can suggest the broad category of content that Digimetriq should post on their network. Digimetriq reserves the right to not honor the request for any reason whatsoever.

Limit on number of posts-

The customer can post as many articles, whether sponsored, or free on his network.

Legal Liability if any –

The customer will be liable for any legal liability that arises by the content that the customer posts.

Financial Policy

This is 12 months contract.

Overview  –

  • Initial Payment (One time in Full, or Monthly subscription)

Amount can be paid in Full for the entire year, or in monthly subscriptions. 

  • Subsequent Monthly/ Yearly Payments

After the initial payment, and domain registrations, domains go into site development.

  • Domain Renewals – After 12 months of Registration

The customer has to pay for Domain Renewals after 12 months at current market prices. Digimetriq’s monthly subscription does not cover Domain Registrations and Renewals. The customer can renew the domains at their end, or Digimetriq shall do it on their behalf.

Refund Policy –

In case the customer chooses to request for a refund, Digimetriq reserves the right to deny refunds. The customer shall own the domain names if already registered. Any other data whatsoever, will not be handed over.

Contract Terms

Failure to Honor Contract

The sites will no longer be live and the data will be deleted. Digimetriq will not be liable to pay any refunds.

Post Contract Discontinuation

If the customer decides to not continue after 12 months, Digimetriq will export the data of all sites in html format and send it to the customer.