FAQs about Digimetriq’s PR Empire/ Real Blog Networks

Who will pay for the domains, and who will be the owner?

The customer will pay for and own the domains. However, we will make sure each domain is booked in an unique account to avoid footprint. After the booking and domain pointing, we will let you know the registration details.

Will you be given admin access for the site’s back-end?

Yes, however the rights will be limited to author/ editor. Our team will be happy to help you with any major changes required.

Are our servers capable enough to handle huge traffic?

Yes! And yes, we want to build high traffic generating sites for you. We will keep on optimizing your website for better page speeds (mobile and desktop). It’s not a one time development deal. We will make sure everything works fine, forever.

How much time will site development take?

Our team will require a month’s time to develop all the sites.

Will all sites have the same content?

No. Daily 2-3 fresh and unique articles will be published on each site. The only similar content on all sites will be your clients’ press releases.

Is there a limit on how many press releases we can share?

Nope! You are the owners of the network.

When will the monthly cycle (subscription) start?

Once the sites are completely developed, with unique layouts and proper back-end functioning (1 month time), thereafter the monthly billing will start.

What happens if we fail to commit for the 12 month contract in between?

You will still own the domains. The sites will no longer be live and the data will be deleted.
If you decide to not continue after 12 months, we will export the data in html format and send it to you.

How experienced is Digimetriq in managing bulk websites?

Very. We own over a 100+ Amazon affiliate sites. Another 100+ US targeted Blogging websites earning majorly via sponsored posts and Google adsense.
We are also managing over 350+ PR Empire/ PBN networks at the moment.

My clients are in a specific niche like – Tech, Interiors, Health. We don’t need a network of PR sites. What’s the alternative?

We can build niche specific sites. Like, for a PR firm into health related PR, can have their network built upon websites in the Health Domain.
Our team will make sure the domain, layout and content will be Niche specific.

I am afraid if my clients find out that I own these sites

Firstly, that’s unlikely because there’s no footprint in the network.
Secondly, you still have the option to come clean to the client beforehand. Boast about owning a network of sites. Not every PR agency has the capability to own a network of sites. That’s your USP.
Global players in the PR business like Newswire, PRweb, and a few more have their own network of sites. The basic package of theirs is simply press release on their own network. You can find their media site-lists too. While you are at it, make sure you notice the same layouts, and content. Our USP is, we don’t create same looking sites.

There are prominent sites where my clients would like to be featured and not any random site. So how would that work?

  • Create a basic package of a nominal price.

Tell them you have your own network of sites that you will share the article in. Rope in low-paying/ new customers with this basic package.
Sell them your usual PR servcies at whatever price you are charging, and term it as premium package.
All global PR brands have applied this strategy.
*NewsWire(Dot)com* (checkout the basic 149$ package)

  • Keep charging whatever you are currently charging

Share your links along with the usual big names.
This will help you deliver, Quality (big names) + Quantity (your network)