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Auto blogging

Rephrased by Digimetriq’s AI

Fluent, Readable and Grammatically Correct Articles Daily.

Content That Ranks

Content That Ranks

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Indexes on Google Easily
  • Adsense Friendly
Fresh Content Daily

Fresh Content Daily

  • Upto 5 Articles a Day
  • Niche Relevant Articles
  • Multiple Languages Supported


  • Requires only Author Access
  • Processing done entirely on our servers
  • Pre-Configured CDN for Images

How It Works

What actually happens in the back-end

Step 1.

Source of Content

Niche Relevant Content is gathered by RSS Feeds and Sitemaps from thousands of websites.

Sites that are not high authority, but with good organic traffic are targeted to ensure our articles can outrank them.

Step 2.

Rephrased by AI

Our legendary tech, tested and developed for over an year, is now powering hundreds of sites.

Digimetriq's AI Spinner, powered by GPT-2 is used to rephrase the content. This AI Spinner makes sure content is readable while keeping the intent unchanged.

Step 3.

Additional Tweaks

We understand that to outrank the original source, and to attract traffic, a good spinner is not enough. So, we added some crazy On-Page SEO tweaks.

Automated tweaks such as Youtube video embed, SEO optimized Alt tags and titles for images and, Related tags with LSI and People also ask questions are added in the content.

Step 4.

CDN and Auto-Publish

After the tweaks, the images are pushed to CDN. This saves server space for clients, and serves a fast loading page for visitors.

And finally, the article gets Auto-Published on the target website!


Experimented and Tested
On Over 300 Blogs

Bonus - Tweaks

Receive an exclusive guide on tweaks that works best for Autoblogs the moment you subscribe.

Earning Possibilities

Listed on the Right are a few Earning Possibilities from these Blogs.

The most preferred and easy way to make money from blogs is via Google Adsense.

It has been tested on 50 blogs, which were launched in the month of November, 2020. We’ve received approvals (and are still, everyday) on over 25 blogs so far out of the 50.

This was after the Covid 19 limitations on new site approvals and we’ve been submitting one blog after each approval.

If you have a review based website, we can create a custom Niche relevant source list for you.

Add your affiliate tags in the articles, or place native shopping ads in each article for hands free approach.

Accept Guest posts from Brands and Marketers on your Autoblogs.

Publishers usually look for sites which have –

  • Fresh Content
  • Fast Indexing of Articles
  • Good Ahrefs and Moz Stats – Building a site upon Expired domains is therefore suggested.

With Quick proofreading and layout fixes, you can do the following-

  • Sell your  Monetized Site for 25-35x your monthly revenue from Ads/ Commissions.
  • Sell your Non Monetized Site as a Starter Site with the starting price range of 350$.

Good stats on Ahrefs and Moz helps in increasing the selling price.


Why Autoblogging?


You can setup Autoblogging for the following scenarios –

Keep your money site updated with regular content. Works best with sites with Fast indexing.

Add niche relevant content to your site.

Add manual interlinks later to your money pages.

Want to keep your PBNs updated? Go for it right away!

Bonus – These articles might bring in traffic too!

Autoblogging with AI


People have been into the auto-blogosphere with the help of great plugins like wp-automatic, content-egg, wp-content pro and many more. The content part of the autoblogging is taken care by such plugins. They help in scraping articles.

We understood that for Autoblogs to work and be profitable, content quality needed to be amazing.

Hence, we integrated AI in our custom built spinner. This AI rephrases content with grammatically correct sentences, and without losing the intent of the article.

Autoblogs Live
Adsense Approved
Amazon Blogs
Sites Sold in 2020
Grammatically Correct
Grammatically Correct

The articles generated usually gets a 7th Grade Readability score from Grammarly and Hemmingway app.

Niche Confidentiality
Niche Confidentiality

Niche research is very much time consuming and hard. We, or anyone on our team has no intentions to steal your niche.
(Our current experiment is building a network of Tech and Gaming niche blogs and interlinking each other to boost ranking keywords on each site. Any time we get on our hands, we focus on that.)

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

We've implemented tweaks that optimizes the articles for SEO. We've literally outranked original sources with such automated tweaks.

100 Minimum Articles
100 Minimum Articles

We will at least post a 100 articles on your site in a month. Or else, the renewal period gets postponed.


Images are uploaded on the cloud to reduce the load on your blogs. With a proper cache plugin, you can easily host multiple sites on the same server,

7 Languages
7 Languages

We can build content for you in 7 languages - English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German and Dutch.
Crazy right?


Choose a plan that
fits your investment budget.

Trial Seekers


Every Month

  • Available in 7 Languages
  • Buy Premium Addon - Scrape Targeted Articles - 100$ (100 Articles)
  • Up to 5 Articles a Day
  • Single Category/ Niche
  • Access to Exclusive Tweaks and Guides
  • 24-7 Support

Risk Takers

Most Popular


Every 6 Months

  • Available in 7 Languages
  • Buy Premium Addon - Scrape Targeted Articles - 300$ (600 Articles)
  • Up to 5 Articles a Day
  • Multiple Categories/ Niche
  • Access to Exclusive Tweaks and Guides
  • 24-7 Support
  • Business Development Support
  • Customized Tweaks for 10+ Subscriptions



Every Year

  • Available in 7 Languages
  • Buy Premium Addon - Scrape Targeted Articles - 500$ (1200 Articles)
  • Up to 5 Articles a Day
  • Multiple Categories/ Niche
  • Access to Exclusive Tweaks and Guides
  • 24-7 Support
  • Business Development Support
  • Customized Tweaks for 10+ Subscriptions
  • Investor Relations with possible tie ups
  • Access to Limited Lifetime Deal Opportunity

Active Auto-Blogs

We have 61 Autoblogs running of our own, spread over 16 Niches – Wines, Travel, Tech – code, Tech, Reviews, News, Movies, Home, Health, General, Gaming, Food, Celebrity, Business, Beauty, and Amazon.

The most profitable niches that worked with autoblogging were – Tech, Gaming, Movies and Celebrity.

(If you wish to see a site in the above niches, get in touch.)


Technology niche is the most profitable niche when it comes to Autoblogging. We saw graphs and growth like Avantmediatech on all our tech blogs.


Generating over 1000 visitors in just 2 months of launch, Undergrowthgames is our next successful blog. After Tech niche, Gaming niche is the one with fastest growth.


The next Niche in the list is Movies niche. This niche is too easy to rank on too. This site was launched in May 2020 and Autoblogging was started on it in the month of November. It got sold in the month of January for 4 figures.


After selling a Celebrity niche site for four figures, we developed a liking for celebrity niche. The growth in this niche is almost similar to Movies niche. Like the previous site, even this was launched in May 2019, and autoblogging was started in the month of Nov. Same graph trend was seen.