Digimetriq's AI SPINNER

The Backbone of All Our Services

Google Friendly Spinning

Google Friendly Spinning

  • Readable and Grammatically Correct
  • Indexes on Google Easily
  • Adsense Friendly
Unlike Any Other

Unlike Any Other

  • Built upon OpenAi's GPT3
  • Not Thesaurus Based
  • The Only GPT3 Paraphraser out there!
User Friendly

User Friendly

  • Paste Text or Upload Document Directly
  • Retains Article Formatting
  • Reduces Editing Requirements

How It Works

What actually happens in the back-end

Step 1.

Register an Account

Register an Account and get a Free trial. Alternatively, subscribe to the Monthly or Limited period Lifetime Subscription.

You get 1000 Free credits to use once you sign up for a free trial. Head over to the Articles area next.

Step 2.

Submit a Text/ Document to Spin

Paste a Text, or Upload a Document directly to preserve formatting.

Simply, select Send for Spinning in the Publish Box and hit Save.

Step 3.

Bots Takeover

Our 24-7 Working Bots take control of your article. They use your submitted content goes through GPT3 model by OpenAI, for paraphrasing.

The entire spinning process is usually completed within 15 mins for a 1000 words content.
It takes time, but it's worth it.

Step 4.

Spin Complete

The Bots mark the article as Completed and you can track that in your dashboard.

Your Wallet credits are deducted proportionately to the word count of your article.

Why Autoblogging?


You can use Digimetriq’s AI Spinner for the following-

Keep your money site updated with regular content. Works best with sites with Fast indexing.

Add niche relevant content to your site.

Add manual interlinks later to your money pages.

Want to keep your PBNs updated? Go for it right away!

Bonus – These articles might bring in traffic too!

Setup Web 2.0s and Parasites with the help of AI Spinner and see for yourself how easy it is to get them indexed.

Autoblogging with AI


Digimetriq’s AI Spinner is the backbone of all services that we have available to offer. We have been building automated solutions to scale up things since 4 years.

We are running PR Sites, Real Blog Networks, Autoblogging on over 150+ blogs and all are powered by our Spinner.

Sites Using AI Spinner
Adsense Approved
Amazon Blogs
Sites Sold in 2020-21
Grammatically Correct
Grammatically Correct

The articles spun, usually gets a 7th Grade Readability score from Grammarly and Hemmingway app.


No one ever gets to read your content. All articles are never published and completely hidden from other customers.

Manual Proof-reading
Manual Proof-reading

After the spinning, a simple manual proof-reading can bring amazing results.

Credit Based Spinning
Credit Based Spinning

Huge Resources and Computing power is required when it comes to training datasets. Hence, we have a credit based Spinner to keep it feasible. We don't use thesaurus based spinning, like all other spinners in the market.

Easy to Edit and Format
Easy to Edit and Format

We are used to spinners like Wordai. The number of times we need to edit and format an article is frustrating.

Team Support and Guides
Team Support and Guides

Our income depends on you and your income depends on this spinner. We treat your requirements as our own. We are constantly improving our products and services as we ourselves are its users too.
Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries. We have a lot of experience to share.

Pricing for Spinbot.

We’re no longer accepting new registrations.

Active Auto-Blogs

We have 61 Autoblogs running of our own, spread over 16 Niches – Wines, Travel, Tech – code, Tech, Reviews, News, Movies, Home, Health, General, Gaming, Food, Celebrity, Business, Beauty, and Amazon.

If you want to see the quality of the articles, just go to any of the sites mentioned below. No one from our team, manually edits any of the articles. These are sites that use Autoblogging, which is powered by our AI Spinbot. Good/ Bad articles? – you can be the judge!

Tip – If you ever wanted to scale things up, you can purchase an Autoblogging plan and basically relax!.

For more serious investors, get an RBN, and basically get a huge discount (upto 63% off!) on autoblogging.


All these were launched in the month of November, 2020.

Ahrefs Stats As on July 2nd, 2021